experiential education

designed to lower anxiety and the need for sedation


The Reimagine Well “Experiential Education” Programs are intended to serve as a solution for two clinical challenges.

NOTE: VR headsets are not required​​. With both programs clinical staff and/or family can participate in the experience via the monitor. This monitor is also provided for patients who are uncomfortable with VR headsets.


1. Sedation Reduction Program for Radiation and MRI​​

These gamified “experiential education” programs are designed with the goal of ​lowering the need for sedation​ and ​increasing facility throughput​ by providing real-time 3D Xbox style educational adventures for patient acclimation





The images and video are from the Nebraska Medicine pediatric center program

  • Radiation and MRI rooms are precise replicas of the clinical spaces
  • Proof of concept pilot reduced median age of sedation to 3.5 years (details available on request)    

2. Distraction Therapy​​ for Procedures​​

In procedure rooms patients are empowered to select from 360 VR experiences for utilization as ​distraction therapy​

Community VR

if a large monitor is available, all systems integrate to deliver a new type of participatory, community VR

Distraction Therapy for Procedures

cinematic videos created for patients’ in response to the question, “Where would you like to ​heal?​ ”

Clinician Guided

clinicians guide the experience on the monitor and family members are included as well