experiential education

designed to lower anxiety and decrease stress driven cancellations


The Reimagine Well “Experiential Education” Programs are intended to serve as a solution for two clinical challenges.

NOTE: VR headsets are not required​​. With all programs clinical staff and/or family can participate in the experience via the monitor. This monitor is also provided for patients who are uncomfortable with VR headsets.


1. Pre-procedure Acclimation Programs for EEG, Radiation and MRI​​

These gamified “experiential education” programs have successfully lowered the need for sedation​ (or restraint), reduced cancellations and ​increased facility throughput​ by providing Xbox style educational adventures for patient acclimation.


(Linac) Radiation & Full Body Radiation

IRB study ongoing. ‘Proof of concept’ study reduced the mean age of sedation to 3.

EEG Exam

Initial pilot enabled clinicians to avoid papoosing on all patients.

MRI Room & Exam

IRB study ongoing.

2. Distraction Therapy​​ for Procedures​​

In procedure rooms patients are empowered to select from 360 VR experiences for utilization as ​distraction therapy​

Community VR

if a large monitor is available, all systems integrate to deliver a new type of participatory, community VR

Distraction Therapy for Procedures

cinematic videos created for patients’ in response to the question, “Where would you like to ​heal?​ ”

Clinician Guided

clinicians guide the experience on the monitor and family members are included as well