infusionarium experiences

therapeutic visual and auditory programs with immersive healing experiences and learn guides, able to be used by patients, caregivers and clinicians on any internet enabled screen

immersive healing videos

  • Patients are surveyed about their personal healing places
  • Their surveys direct the creation of the immersive healing videos
  • Patients use the global library of over 40 immersive experiences to gain control and comfort in their treatment environments
  • Clinical distraction therapy has been shown to reduce pain, anxiety, and the need for side-effects medication (in some cases)

learn guides

  • Provide education — 24/7 — across the entire patient journey
    • What to expect during diagnosis, treatment, healing, and wellbeing
    • Critical questions to ask, medical terms explained in easy-to-understand language, and health goals to consider
    • Links to support networks, evidence-based research, and references; and insights from survivors and caregivers
  • Over 18 disease-specific, rich media experiences with video, photos, resource links, and much more, many in Spanish and English
  • Enhanced learning has been shown to reduce readmission and recurrence (in certain diseases).

experience the infusionarium “immersive healing” channel

The Infusionarium Experience can be used for chemotherapy, dialysis, infusion, palliative care, rehab centers, behavioral health, clinical staff wellbeing (and more)

This video is a commercial produced by Hyundai Hope On Wheels at the AYA Infusionarium at CHOC Children’s Hospital.