med games

easing the patient journey with play, increasing facility throughput

VR headsets are not always required, and all games are participatory. Clinicians (and caregivers) are able to guide, view, and personalize the experience for the patient.​


MRI stillness game

train to minimize movement

Pre-MRI VR headset game trains and rewards stillness so that scans and radiation treatments can be as short and accurate as possible. (VR only)

download MRI Stillness Game one-sheet

MRI easy

explore to reduce exam anxiety

Pre-MRI acclimation in an Xbox environment to decrease anxiety and the need for sedation. IRB study ongoing. (VR & PC)

download MRI Easy one-sheet

radiation easy

explore to reduce treatment anxiety

Pre-Radiation Treatment acclimation. IRB study is ongoing. The ‘Proof of concept’ study reduced the mean age of sedation from 10  to 3. (VR & PC)

download Radiation Easy one-sheet

EEG hero

play a clinical scavenger hunt

Pre-EEG acclimation and scavenger hunt game. The initial pilot enabled clinicians to avoid papoosing on all patients. (PC only)

download EEG Hero one-sheet

get up & go!

get patients moving

An Alternate Reality (AR) adventure game designed to motivate patients to get moving!

download Get Up & Go! one-sheet

Blue Sky

In partnership with our clients, we begin every project with a Blue Sky creative brainstorm to refine the solution to the clinical problem.

Rapid Prototyping

Following the process we learned at Disney Imagineering, we create rapid prototypes to prove the concept before beginning production.

Clinician Guided / Caregiver Viewed

Our Experiential Education programs are graduated, able to be viewed on a laptop and/or a VR headset. The Clinical Team guides the experience in real-time, and the Parent or Caregiver can observe too (reducing their anxiety as well).

check out our dimensional designs!