patient support community

from diagnosis to wellbeing


Reimagine Well’s private patient and caregiver support community is a place for patients, families and healthcare providers to:

  • gain knowledge
  • build their support community in a safe and private place
  • set achievable health goals in each phase of the patient journey
  • share best-practices for others following in their footsteps
  • print their guide as a chronicle of the journey from diagnosis to wellbeing


Though all of our partners are provided with their own support communities, our Reimagine Well “parent” community is available as a free resource for anyone dealing with a life threatening diagnosis – available here.

The Reimagine Well Community™ is a private online and offline (printed book) guided support network that helps patients transition from diagnosis to wellbeing.

It eases the overwhelming nature of a life-threatening diagnosis by dividing the journey into manageable phases; assists with setting achievable health goals in each phase for patients, their caregivers, supporters, community, and healthcare professionals; and builds a wellness plan for life in the process.

Our private support platform enables healthcare professionals to continue guidance post treatment, through the healing and wellbeing phases of the journey.  Patients are encouraged to print their bridge books as an emblematic chronicle of their journey.

what patients are saying

The education and support can save your life!! If you’re confused and scared about your cancer diagnosis, then this is a good place to start on your journey to recovery.

AYA Patient

The Reimagine Well support network helped me pull together my team, my strongest allies, and then helped me create my battle plan.

AYA Patient

The patients, the caregivers and most of all the friendships I have made have been an invaluable tool in my understanding, planning, and recovering as a cancer patient and survivor.

Adult Survivor

I think that this is an amazing tool and resource for newly diagnosed patients and their families. I know that my journey would have been so much different if I’d had this support when I was just starting out.

AYA Survivor