our solutions

developed and piloted at our partner hospitals

med-game suite:

Gamified “experiential education” programs have been shown to lower anxiety, the need for sedation, and increase facility throughput for  Radiation treatments, MRI exams, EEG exams and more. Programs are used with a monitor, VR headset, or both at the same time, so clinicians and family are participatory.

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infusionarium media platform:

The Infusionarium media platform can be utilized on any internet enabled screen. As small as a mobile phone, or as large as a custom built theatre, an Infusionarium is any place that allows a patient, family or staff member to access our platform.

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immersive healing experiences

We ask patients, “If you could heal anywhere in the universe, without rules, what special place would best support your healing”? Respondents become our “patient vision team” and their direction leads the creation of their “immersive healing experiences” library.

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learn guides

In partnership with your clinical staff, the Reimagine Well Learn Guide platform is used to develop a rich media educational series. Each guide is segmented to be used over several years – from diagnosis, through treatment, and on to healing and wellbeing – an is able to be accessed 24/7 by patients and families on any internet enabled device. Enhanced learning has been shown to reduce hospital readmission and recurrence (in certain diseases).

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dimensional design consulting:

Our core design specialists are (former) Disney Imagineers.  Schooled in Disney’s “architecture of reassurance” we are adapting those principles to create an “architecture of healing“.  Portfolio available on request.

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resource center

Our Resource Center provides an immediate safe, private patient & family Support Community, as well as Learn Guides to help you navigate the journey from diagnosis to wellbeing.

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The roadmap begins:  Patients are asked, “If you could get your treatment anywhere in the universe, without rules, what special place would best promote your healing?” The survey respondents become the “patient vision team”.

Patients receive treatment in their own “immersive healing places” and travel via virtual field trips to places and people that inspire them to survive.  The roadmap continues…

Patients and families receive survivorship Learn Guides. These guides are designed to inform decisions at each phase of the journey – beginning with diagnosis, through treatment, then on to healing and wellbeing.

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