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Reimagine Well views every relationship as a partnership, helping each organization we support to better achieve its mission.

What’s New! – For Partner Hospitals and Support Organizations

Our “What’s New” series is to enable our partners make the most of their Reimagine Well investment by optimizing their patient experience programs.

what people are saying

It’s magical because it allows them to experience things no one else experiences while in cancer treatment.


The Learn Guides were really helpful.  They helped us figure out who all of these doctors were, and what they did; and what all of these tests were for.

Parent / Caregiver

I like getting my chemo in “The World of the Future” becasue I imagine treatment will be much easier then. And when I imagine a future…it reassures me that I’ll have one.

AYA Patient

Our kids came up with some incredible immersive experiences. I’ve seen “Flying Free”, and “Locomotion”, but “Underwater” is just incredible.

Foundation Board Member

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