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Miami Cancer Institute First to Use New Virtual Reality Game that Keeps Kids Calm and Still During Brain MRIs

The Calm Room – A Program For De-escalation In The Behavioral Health Setting

Reimagine Well Launches Ground-Breaking VR Based MRI Stillness Game

Reimagine Well Launches EEG Xbox Game with Children’s Wisconsin for Patient Acclimation

Reimagine Well and Kids Kicking Cancer Partner on Innovative Platform for Patients and Families

Reimagine Well and Fully Loaded Electronics Partner On “Experiential Education” Initiative to Reduce Need for Pediatric Sedation

Reimagine Well Launches “Experiential Education” Program to Reduce Need for Pediatric Sedation

Adapting Disney Theme Parks “Architecture of Reassurance” into an “Architecture of Healing”

Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer Fighters: A “Learn Guide” For You

Infusionarium Brings Peace To Cancer Patients
Infusionarium is a “Game Changer” for Cancer Patients

Like an interactive Imax Theatre in a Pediatric Hospital” 

CHOC Opens Wing For Adolescent And Young Adult Cancer Patients

Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Survival Guide Video and eBook

SeventyK Wellness Network for AYA Patients Launches Today

SeventyK Launches the Stop A Doc Video Contest for AYA Patients

Healthcare By Design – Educational Initiatives

CalArts, Henry Mayo Team Up To Provide ‘Creativity’ In Palliative Care And End Of Life Legacy

Inspiring ‘Creativity’ in Palliative Care and End of Life

“The Other Space” Blake Derksens’s New Film, Based On His AYA Cancer Journey Livestreams, Followed By Q&A With Roger Holzberg

CalArtians Collaborate on Game-changing Immersive Experiences for Youth Cancer Patients




Help and Hope Happen Here, Dr. Mark Levine

Using Virtual Reality To Treat Patients, Amitha Kalaichandran MHS CPH MD / CBC “Ontario Morning” 

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