immersive healing experiences

evolving disney theme park’s “architecture of reassurance” into an “architecture of healing

Our personalized distraction therapy begins by asking, “If you could get your treatment anywhere in the universe, without rules, what special place would best promote your healing?” Patients then receive treatment in their special “healing place”.

The library is shared between all of our partners and may be experienced via tablets or phones, VR headsets or TV screens.

It library includes:

  • “Immersive healing experiences”, directed by local patient vision teams nationwide
  • Live Events (virtual field trips) tailored to the patient requested themes
  • Hosted mindfulness videos


Hyundai Infusionarium Commercial

Patients, Families & Healthcare Professionals on the Infusionarium

Immersive Healing Experiences

‟In the water, even virtually, I find the serenity and courage to focus on the positive side of healing. I forget about my life’s struggles and suddenly water becomes my life, my strength, and my healing place.”  Nick / Survivor / Vision Team Lead (Water)

Immersive Healing Experiences

‟In the world of the future treatment might not have to be like this.  It might be quicker, and way more efficient. Dreaming about the world of the future makes me believe I’ll have one.”  Trevor / AYA Survivor / Vision Team Lead (The Future)

Live Events

“My name is Dr. Moogega Cooper and I’m a planetary protection officer at Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  All of you guys who thought space would be a cool place to heal…?  Let’s pilot the rover on mars!”  Dr. Cooper / Live Event Host & Advisory Board Member

The Calm Room

A de-escalation program for the Behavioral Health setting

Live Event Trailers:

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (trailer)

Live Events – We extend our “immersive healing experiences” by taking patients (virtually) to places that inspire them to survive & thrive! This “virtual adventure” is hosted by Dr. Moogega Cooper, Planetary Protection Officer, NASA / JPL.

Miami Zoo with Ron Magill (trailer)

Live Events – Many of our “immersive healing experiences” involve animals.  Our “patient vision team” at the Miami Cancer Institute felt that an African Safari would be healing.  This Live Event connected our partner hospitals with Zoo Miami and some amazing animals!

Turtle Talk with Crush & Friends (trailer)

Live Events – Several requests  involve ocean.  Some want to explore it; some just want to “chill”.  This Live Event from CHOC Children’s Hospital connects our partner hospitals and organizations in an interactive adventure to Disney’s theme park attraction Turtle Talk.