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better patient experience yields better outcomes

The Science Behind Reimagine Well / Literature Review by Jocelyn Harrison, MPH, RDN

HP / Reimagine Well case study utilizes immersive healing experiences to promote patient wellbeing

Supporting stories & research on vr (virtual reality) reducing medication and stress

Using Virtual Reality To Treat Patients,¬†Amitha Kalaichandran MHS CPH MD / CBC “Ontario Morning” 12/16/2016

Hospital Walls Disappear into Virtual Reality for Young Patients

Virtual Reality Takes Cancer Patient Back Home

Using VR Instead of Sedatives

Supporting stories & research on enhanced education reducing readmissions

Enhanced Education Helps Lower Hospital Readmissions

Supporting stories on the value of mindfulness and psychosocial interventions

Mindfulness-based stress reduction helps (breast) cancer survivors

Supporting research on active lifestyle reducing cancer recurrence

Exercise is most important lifestyle change to reduce risk of (breast) cancer recurrence 

Exercise is important lifestyle change to reduce risk of (colon) cancer recurrence