learn guides

providing a roadmap from diagnosis to wellbeing

Learn Guides are designed to provide education – 24/7 – across the entire patient journey

Our team and platform helps consolidate educational material into a single dynamic resource.  From diagnosis, to treatment, then on to healing and wellbeing,  Learn Guides are rich media experiences with video, photos, resource links and much more.  They can be utilized as Ebooks on phones, tablets and computers, able to be used when and where they are needed.

Enhanced learning has been shown to reduce hospital readmission and recurrence (in certain diseases).

For our Professional Partners:

  • Choose from a full library of available Learn Guides, many in Spanish and English
  • Begins with an introduction to the medical specialist, then a basic overview, followed by what to expect during diagnosis, treatment, healing and wellbeing
  • Medical terms explained in easy to understand language
  • Critical questions to ask and health goals to consider in each phase of the patient journey
  • “What you need to know” information compiled from the National Institutes of Health
  • Links to support networks, evidence-based research and references; and insights from survivors and caregivers

In our Resource Center:

  • An immediate, safe private patient & family Support Community
  • ReImagine Well Learn Guides can help you navigate the journey from diagnosis to wellbeing

what clinicians are saying

“Cancer is rare and unexpected in the young, creating unique emotional and medical challenges. These Learn Guides offer accessible first steps in the journey. Inside you will find reliable information and experienced peer patient veterans to help light the way. You are not alone.” –  Nicolette Chun, MS, LCGC, Stanford Hospital Cancer Center

“This Oncofertility Learn Guide will help you understand the immediate fertility issues of a newly diagnosed cancer patient, then guide you through the range of long-term reproductive issues that may result from treatment.” – Laxmi A. Kondapalli, MD MSCE, Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine,  Fellow of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

“As an international AYA and pediatric oncologist, this guide covers important topics for patients and families in a comprehensive, age appropriate manner. Using text, web links and videos, it gives timely, accurate access to critical information. I look forward to my patients having access to this AYA Learn Guide!” – Antoinette Anazodo, MD, Adolescent Oncologist, Youth Cancer Service Director, Sydney AU

Leonard Sender, MD, Medical Director, CHOC Children’s Hospital says, “These Learn Guides are a must-have for any newly diagnosed pediatric or AYA patient and family. They provide step-by-step guidance from diagnosis, through treatment, and on to healing and wellbeing. Also provided is a safe, private and evidence-based support platform so you can learn from thousands of survivors and families who have gone before you.”